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IEEE TEMS Site Visit to Smart Factory

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Date: Monday 19 September 2022

Time: 2:00-4:00PM (Malaysian Standard Time)

Venue: Level 4, Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC), Block 2, Pusat Perniagaan Worldwide, Jalan Tinju 13/50, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor


2pm – Arrival of Guests to SHRDC

2.15pm – Introduction to the Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 @ SHRDC by Dr. Chua Wen-Shyan

2.45pm – Visit to the Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0

3.30pm – Question and Answer (Q&A) Session

3.45pm – Session Ends

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Event Summary:

The Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 is an initiative under the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) to support the industries and community through their journey of Industry 4.0 by assisting them to develop sustainable digital transformation through active Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation. The technical team of developers at the Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 conduct application-based Research and Development (R&D) to innovate, develop, and produce Technology Application Recipes to support industries to achieve a sustainable Digital Transformation through high-impact talent development strategies. The Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 is set up as a unique and brand independent Model Factory to demonstrate the integration of technologies related in Industry 4.0 along with our technology partners and to demonstrate the concept of sustainable digital transformation through our Smart Factory Technologist Framework to enable a Training-to-Implementation (T2I) concept which has been well received by industries with strong success stories to share.

The visit to the Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 would demonstrate the enabling technologies and platforms that are key to implementing a successful Smart Factory integration and a sustainable implementation.

IEEE TEMS Webinar on Big Data Analytics

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Title:  Big Data Analytics with KNIME Analytics Platform

Date: Tuesday 12 July 2022

Time: 4:00 PM (Malaysian Standard Time)

Speaker: Lada Rudnitckaia, KNIME

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In this session, the speaker would introduce the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and provide an overview on how to process big data and build machine learning models with Apache Spark Integration in KNIME Analytics Platform (

About Speaker

Lada Rudnitckaia is a data scientist on the Evangelism Team at KNIME. She developed a deep interest in data analytics during her bachelor’s program in Mathematical Methods in Economics and while working as a risk analyst. Lada pursued her master’s degree in Social and Economic Data Science at the University of Konstanz, where her focus was on machine learning and natural language processing. At KNIME, Lada works on a variety of data related topics, from data analytics to models interpretability to big data.